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The 500 Calories a Day Diet. Is It Safe?

Fri, 06/29/2018 - 23:11 / By Andrew Rynne

The 500 Calories a Day Diet. Is It Safe?

Is 500 Calories a Day a Safe Diet?

Diets as you know come and go according to fashion. We have had The Scarsdale Diet, The Atkins Diet, The Caveman Diet; the list goes on and on. Each one in its turn made millions for inventor/author and each in its time was the definative answer to weight loss and the diet to end all diets.

In more recent times, or so I would have thought, the whole notion of "diets" seemed to go out of fashion and the cry was that weight management was about life style not diet. Or, if you feel the need to watch what you eat at all, then cut away back on the white carbohydrates  -- suggary foods white bread, spagettie, pasta, potatoes, pastry, alcohol and the like.

And then, again in more recent times,  the gospel was that fat is fine and calory counting was for the birds. And now woulde'nt you know the whole thing seems to have gone full circle and I'm  begining to see neutritionists talk about calories again and even the 500 calorie a day diet. This used to be called "a crash diet" For some reason it has changed its name so as we would'nt recognise it. But is it safe? No it is not and I'll tewll you why:

  • Humans were disigned to need about 2,500 to 3,000 calories a day depending on physical activity. Cutting this back to a third makes no sense.
  • Fats will be a victim if you try to restrict your calory count to 500 a day but you need fat to absorb fat-soluable vitamins like E for example.
  • Low fat diet will cause gall bladder stasis and increase the risk of gallstones.

I believe its back to basics and that weight management is not about diet control but about life style-- regular exercising most particularly. 

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