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Do You Need to See A Dodtor

Wed, 05/16/2018 - 20:48 / By Andrew Rynne

Do You Need to See A Dodtor

An interesting thing happened here last week. I had a lady from Dublin, we will call her Veronica, visit my Online Medical Advice service and she had the following story:

About a month ago her 16 year old son quickly developed this spotty red rash on his back. She described it. It was not painful or itchy just slightly alarming and she, not unreasonably, wanted to know what it was. Her son was not on any medications and had no known allergies. Googling got her nowhere and, if anything, only made her worry all the more. Some kind of STD perhaps was suggested? Clearly she needed help and a diagnosis.

So she called her GP for an appointment. It would be in 10 days time Veronica was told. The GP was very busy and this was not an emergency.


Patiently she waited for the ten days to come and go. On the appointed day she took a half day out of work, drove the 5 miles to the doctor's clinic, parked the car with difficulty and waited in a crowed and stressful waiting room for an hour before being called into see the GP.

The  doctor took a detailed medical history and carefully examined her son's rash. At the end of all of this he declared that he was not sure what the rash was and that in any case, whatever it was, would need the care of a Dermatologist. This consultation cost Veronica €75 for which, as far as she was concerned, she got nothing except lots of stress. Then she was told that a Dermatologist could not see her son for 10 weeks. It was at this point that Veronica despaired.

She decided to use an Online Medical Service and for no particular reason, choose mine. Through email exchange she gave a detailed description of her son's rash and attached a HD photograph taken with a Smartphone as you see above. Looking at this I thought it might be a form of psoriasis but was not at all certain. So I forwarded this photograph to a dermatological colleague who works with me on the website. Within 24 hours she was able to confirm the diagnosis as Guttate Psoriasis. Now at least we had the diagnosis and this alone took all the stress and worry out of the situation and pointed the way for resolution.

So for €29.00 Veronica had her son's rash diagnosed within 48 hours of asking. No 10 days waiting to see the GP. No 10 weeks waiting to see a Dermatologist. No having to take time out of work, no driving, parking and waiting in a waiting to see a less than helpful GP. And no €75 consultation fee either. So tell me, which do you think is the better option in this situation? Face to face or Online  Consultation? It's a no-brainer surely. What do you think?.

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