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Is His Drinking Causing You Great Annoyance?

Sun, 09/10/2017 - 22:48 / By Andrew Rynne

Is His Drinking Causing You Great Annoyance?

                                Is His Drinking Causing You Great Annoyance


Or equally of course this heading could be: Is Her Drinking Causing You Great Annoyance? Men do not have any exclusivity when it comes to their drinking getting out of hand and causing problems for others including their loved ones.

Putting gender aside, if someone’s drinking is causing annoyance to others with whom they share a home then it is almost axiomatic that that person has a problem with alcohol. I say almost because you do find situations where one partner is so totally intolerant of any drinking whatsoever by their partner as to be the problem rather that the person who enjoys an occasional causal drink.

Difference between problem drinking and alcoholism

You may have heard of the term problem drinking and wondered what exactly makes it different from alcoholism. How do you know if you’re a problem drinker or an alcoholic? What’s the difference?

It truth there is not a clear cut distinction between the two and often the one merges into the other. Or, more insidiously, in time the problem drinker become much more like an alcoholic than just a problem drinker. That’s why I believe that anyone who consumes alcohol, on a regular base, including this writer, needs to take stock of themselves from time to time and needs to be aware of the pitfalls and subtle changes that can evolve over time.

The Problem Drinker:

  • Drinks every day in amounts that moderate occasional drinkers would consider excessive
  • Is a regular social heavy drinker who may be drinking to the detriment of their health – more on that in a minute.
  • Does not have a physical dependency. Will not go into DT if he or she stops drinking
  • Usually never or only rarely drinks during the day.
  • Usually has a high tolerance for alcohol and functions normally while drinking.
  • Usually or only very rarely has amnesia. Manages to keep their relationships intact.

The Alcoholic:

  • Drinks very heavily every day or stops for a few days at a time before hitting it again in large volumes – the bout alcoholic.
  • Has a physical dependency on alcohol and liable to DT’s if absent for a long period.
  • Drinks to the detriment of their relationship with loved ones, family and friends. People start to leave and isolate the alcoholic.
  • Drinks to the detriment of their work, responsibilities, profession, personal life, personal hygiene, grooming and domestic care.
  • Hides alcohol, drinks secretly, tops up and lies about consumption.
  • Looses judgement, gets into trouble with the law, into inappropriate sexual relationships and business deals.

Is Alcohol Bad for Your Health?

The answer to this question may be yes – heavy drinking is probably bad for your health but not as bad as the experts would like you to believe. It may cause a statistical rise in the incidence of certain cancers. Yet when you actually go into the minutia of these studies, like here http://bit.ly/2wSnkr9 for example, you quickly see that the evidence for alcohol causing cancer is actually quite weak.

If alcohol causes such widespread disease then one might reasonably expect to find at least some epidemiological evidence to support this contention. But do drinkers die younger than teetotallers?  Yes? Where is the evidence for that?

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