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You Will Enjoy The Generous Benefits Of Boron

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 21:02 / By Andrew Rynne

You Will Enjoy The Generous Benefits Of Boron

Boron is a naturally occurring mineral found universally in soil in varying concentrations. And because it is in the soil it is therefore in the plants and in all the foods we eat that are soil related --- vegetables, fruit, wine, tea, coffee and so on. In the human body boron is known as a trace element. Or in other words, in tiny concentrations it is essential for health and proper bodily functioning. The precise role that boron plays in your body is not completely understood. However, it is known to have a vital function to play in the mineralization of bone and, most particularly from the point of view of this article, the  maintenance of healthy joints. 

Boron as a treatment for arthritis.

In the past decade or so boron has been studied as a possible treatment for arthritis. And although, in the main, these studies have been small ones, they do nevertheless show considerable promise. Here is an example of such a placebo controlled clinical trial:.

Epidemiological evidence for boron and arthritis.

If boron plays a positive role in the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis then it would be reasonable to expect, that in areas naturally high in boron, then the incidence of arthritis in these regions would be lower that that found in areas of lower boron concentration. The Mojave Desert in California contains massive and historically famous Borax mines. Borax is to boron what crude oil is to refined oil and areas around the Mojave Desert are high in natural boron. They are also low in their incidence of arthritis as this study shows.

Map showing the incidence of osteoarthritis by area against boron consent rations in soil

Time nor space does not allow but there does seem to me to be a corelation between the concentration of arthritis and boron soil levels. This observation of course needs a lot more work and refinement before conclusive scientific conclusions can be drawn.

 In the meantime I would have no hesitation in recommending Boron 6 mg to be taken daily for suffers of osteoarthritis and most particularly those sufferers living in areas of low or below average levels of naturally occurring soil boron. Those consuming fruit and vegetables grown on chemically fertilized soil may be equally adversely affected.

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